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AIYO Travel Mat 50% recycled content

AIYO Travel Mat 50% recycled content

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Our travel mat with natural rubber from sustainable forestry with 50% recycled content. Convince yourself of the positive properties of the renewable raw material.


  • Slip resistance and high safety during all your exercises with both dry and sweaty hands thanks to our special jute braid in the surface (JuteGripTech©)
  • Very good cushioning  due to high material density
  • Inherently hygienic thanks to the closed surface structure


  • 100% natural rubber from sustainable forestry
  • Jute mesh on the surface

Shipping & Returns

  • free of charge from 50€
  • test for 30 days without risk


  • 183cm x 61cm x 2mm
  • ca. 1.5kg

Care instructions

  • To clean your mat, we recommend a water-apple cider vinegar mixture in a 3:1 ratio and an essential oil of your choice. Our tip: Tea tree oil has a particularly nourishing and antibacterial effect
  • Do not use chemical cleaning agents
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Allow to dry after each use
  • The natural smell of your natural rubber mat disappears after 1-2 days
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What is natural rubber?

Natural rubber has a very large and decisive advantage when it comes to sustainability: it is a natural, renewable and biodegradable raw material. Rubber can be obtained from natural rubber trees over many years without having to clear the trees.

In contrast to synthetically produced rubber, no petroleum is required in the production of natural rubber and thus contributes to a better ecological balance of the material at.

What special features does natural rubber have?

The material of natural rubber is very elastic without chemical additives, as well as tear-resistant and durable. This means your yoga mat can withstand all your yoga exercises and, thanks to the water-repellent material, ensures perfect support even during sweaty asanas. Sliding on the yoga mat is history.

FSC certified natural rubber

We are pleased that our Classic Mat is already made with completely FSC©-certified natural rubber. Through regular controls, the certification ensures that the raw materials come from forests with fair and safe working conditions and that the environment is not polluted by pesticides. FSC attaches great importance to sustainable forestry and therefore regularly trains farmers on topics such as the regeneration of the ecosystem.

Consciously avoiding harmful pesticides contributes to protection of local ecosystems, improves the yield of natural rubber trees in the long term, binds more CO2 and can lead to new sources of income.

Through FSC© certification, we together support the livelihood of rubber farmers without contributing to deforestation or violating the rights of workers.

Natural rubber and slip resistance

Due to its natural properties, natural rubber offers unique slip resistance. Combined with JuteGripTech© - our jute weave on the surface - each of our mats offers you the best slip resistance and safety, even during sweaty asanas.

Is my natural rubber mat hygienic?

Due to the closed surface structure of natural rubber, all of our yoga mats are naturally hygienic and antibacterial.

How do I clean my natural rubber yoga mat?

To clean your mat, we recommend a water/apple cider vinegar mixture in a ratio of 3:1 and 10-20 drops of essential oil of your choice - tea tree oil has a particularly nourishing and antibacterial effect.

Why does my yoga mat smell so strongly of rubber?

The smell of your yoga mat is like that of a new book. Natural rubber is a natural raw material, without added chemicals or other fragrances. Let your mat be rolled out and air out for 1-2 days and the smell will disappear.