Our sustainability promise

AIYO stands for Sustainability for Body & Nature. For us, it's not just a term we use. Rather, it is the driving force behind AIYO, our own motivation to give something back to our nature.

Gestreckte Hände auf Yogamatte auf steinigem Untergrund

quality before quantity

We live in an age where terms such as the fast fashion industry or the danger of plastic are no longer foreign words to us. During a yoga session in which we want to unite our body with our mind, we naturally want to make ourselves as comfortable as possible. Slippery yoga mats made of skin-incompatible plastic are not helpful here. For this reason, we attach great importance to our renewable materials made from FSC©-certified natural rubber.

- Non-slip yoga mat made from FSC -certified natural rubber -

Our approach to becoming a climate-neutral company

We are guided by three basic principles when dealing with greenhouse gases: avoid, reduce and compensate.

  • 1. Avoid

    We look at climate neutrality holistically and critically question any production of greenhouse gases. In this way, we try to optimize and adapt all steps and processes in order to avoid CO2 emissions as best as possible. This is reflected, for example, in the conception of our minimalist packaging made from recycled paper and also in the use of recycled material in production.

  • 2. Reduce

    We continuously analyze our processes in order to make potential visible and further reduce greenhouse gases. Because we are of the opinion: there is always more possible!

  • 3. Compensate

    With the compensation we can support certified environmental projects and give something back to nature. The first step is to calculate a greenhouse gas balance: all steps in the value chain are analyzed and the exact greenhouse gas emissions are calculated. We then set so-called “Science-Based Target Initiatives” (SBTI) goals that define our path to climate neutrality. In a third step, we select compensation projects that we stand behind 100%.

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Why natural rubber? - Product page

Our sustainable yoga mats are made of natural rubber - we are very pleased that our Classic Mat is already made with FSC©-certified natural rubber.

What is natural rubber?

Natural rubber has a very large and decisive advantage when it comes to sustainability: it is a natural, renewable and biodegradable raw material. Natural rubber trees can be used to produce rubber over many years without having to clear the trees.

In contrast to synthetically produced rubber, no petroleum is required in the production of natural rubber and thus contributes to a better ecological balance of the material.

What special features does natural rubber have?

The material of natural rubber is very elastic, as well as tear-resistant and durable. This means your yoga mat can withstand all your yoga exercises and, thanks to the water-repellent material, ensures perfect support even during sweaty asanas. Sliding on the yoga mat is history.

FSC-certified natural rubber

We are pleased that our Classic Mat is already made with completely FSC©-certified natural rubber. Through regular checks, the certification ensures that the raw materials come from forests with fair and safe working conditions and that the environment is not polluted by pesticides. FSC attaches great importance to sustainable forestry and therefore regularly trains farmers on topics such as the regeneration of the ecosystem.

Consciously avoiding harmful pesticides contributes to the protection of local ecosystems, improves the long-term yields of natural rubber trees, binds more CO2 and can lead to new sources of income.

Through FSC© certification, we together support the livelihoods of rubber farmers without contributing to deforestation or violating the rights of workers.

Yogamatte FSC Naturkautschuk

FSC yoga mat and travel mat made from sustainable raw materials

        We take care of upgrading/recycling your old mat

        Do you still have a yoga/sports mat that you no longer need? No problem. We take care of upgrading/recycling your old mat.

        Let's make the world better together and make others happy. Together with aid organizations in Munich and other recycling partners in Germany, we can pass on your old mats to those in need or upcycle the material.

        We'll add one more thing: you'll receive a 15% voucher from us as a thank you if you send us your old mat.

        Do good - donate a mat